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Purple Aura Lalita Ring

The Divine Feminine Oracle, Lalita represents the waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states of our consciousness. She helps us to find joy in our own consciousness and within the world. Lalita is sometimes seen sitting upon a lotus and is known as the Fulfiller of all Desires. Violet Lotus Blossoms represent spiritual awakening, purity, and faithfulness.

A Violet Aura is often associated with inquisitiveness and enlightenment.

  • Solid 18 Karat Yellow Gold
  • Violet Ombre Plique-à-jour
  • 13mm depth
  • We added a tiny purple Sapphire inside the ring to touch your finger.  Violet Sapphire helps curb unnecessary worries and opens up the crown chakra.
  • Made to order, ships in 5 - 6 weeks


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